While corporate video is not as popular as other types of videos, it is still a great marketing strategy that can engage and entertain audiences. Some may think that it requires a lot of time and money to produce an effective corporate video. However, with the right tools, a modest budget, and an outstanding idea, your brand can produce an engaging and high-quality corporate video. It will help engage your target audience and solidify relationship between you and your existing customers. 

Need help on how plan and execute your first ever corporate video? Here’s a compilation of efficient tips that will surely help you get started:

Identify your goals 

Each corporate video serves a different purpose. Are you creating a video to introduce your brand? Will this video be used to attract more customers? Do you want this video to convince potential employees to be a part of your company? Once you have already defined its purpose, it will be easier to plan what your video’s content will be.  

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If you need more employees or clients, you can either include client or employee testimonials in your content showcase how awesome it is to work with your company. In case you will be introducing a new product or service, you can make a product overview or a “How To” video to show how you make your products to your audience. There’s also the option of making a short documentary about how your clients loved using your product or availing your services. 

Plan the corporate video production

After you have conceptualized your content, the next step is to plan your corporate video production. Consider the people you will need to include in the video, the budget, the location and the team who will be responsible for executing the whole plan. You can either ask your whole team to help you plan and produce a video or hire a video marketing team to make the whole process hassle free. Keep in mind that making a video is a great way for your staff to bond as well so don’t try to do it alone. Even if you hire a video corporate video company, you still need to be involved in the whole process.  

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Produce an engaging story

There are tons of video content available online. For your corporate video not to be ignored by your audience, it needs to be engaging and entertaining. Make the most of the time, money, and effort you spent on the production by ensuring that your video will stand out. Plan the stories you have to tell your audience, especially the ones that will strongly connect with them.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, discuss it with your team and brainstorm about how you can turn the company’s story into an interesting video. 

Don’t overlook the production value

While you can always make a video production on your own terms, it does not mean that you will not exert effort in production value. It doesn’t have to be perfect and look like a Coca-Cola ad, but it should still be impactful.   

If you want to guarantee a production level that is decent and worth your audience’s time, you can always hire corporate video professionals. You can search online, ask friends for recommendations, or find suggestions in forum to find the best video production company in your area. One corporate video production company that’s highly recommended in Singapore is Reelmedia Pte Ltd. They have helped many brands in Singapore to reach their audience by helping them produce high quality videos. 

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