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                China's Largest Importer of OSB and Sawn Timber

                BNBM Group started its international trading business in timber and forest products in the 1990s. Over the years, it has become China’s largest sawn timber and OSB importer, and has its own brand “OUSONG”.

                BNBM Group’s forest products business is positioned to become a comprehensive service provider for logs, sawn timber and high-end wood-based panels, through its sustained and stable global procurement of high-quality logs and sawn timber, high-end wood-based panels, pulp and wood chips, etc. It has worked on developing a comprehensive forest products trade service platform by utilizing its professional business platform, perfect logistics and marketing system and efficient operations teams, thereby contributing to sustainable development of China’s forest products industry.

                Main Category

                Member Enterprises

                • BNBM Group Forest Products Co., Ltd.

                  ADD:3F, No.2, Zizhuyuan South Road,

                  Haidian District, Beijing, China


                  TEL:Logs & Timber


                  Wood-based Panels



                  E-MAIL:Logs & Timber

                  [email protected]

                  Wood-based Panels

                  [email protected]

                • Xiamen BNBMG Int’l Trading Co., Ltd.

                  ADD:11th Floor, Jinyuan Building, No.57

                  Hubin South Road, Xiamen, China


                  TEL:Logs & Timber 86592-2276006


                  E-MAIL:[email protected]