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                Hot Rolled coil/Sheet

                With the excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, easy machinability and good weldability, HRC products are widely used in ship, automobile, bridge, building, machinery and pressure vessel and other industrial applications.

                Main Specification:

                  Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Coil Inside Diameter(mm)
                Hot Rolled Steel Coil 1.50-6.50 720-1860   762
                6.51-10.00 850-1500   762
                Hot Rolled Steel Strip 1.50-6.50 30-720   762
                Hot Rolled Steel Plate 6.00-150 500-4000 1200-18000
                Hot Rolled Steel Coil 1.50-5.99 50-1845 760-6100
                Hot Rolled Steel Chequered 1.80-36 1250-3250 2000-13000

                Standard & Grade:

                  JIS ASTM SAE
                Commercial Quality G3131 SPHC A569 1006-1025
                A1011 CS Type  A,B,C
                Drawing Quality G3131 SPHD   1006-1010
                Deep Drawing Quality G3132 SPHE A622 1006-1010
                A1011 DS Type  A,B
                General Structure(T.S<490N/mm2) G3101 SS330 A36
                A283 GR.C
                A570 GR.30-40
                A1001 SS GR.30-40
                G3106 SM400A
                G3132 SPHT1
                General Structure(T.S≥490N/mm2) G3031 SS490 A570 GR.45-50
                A607 GR.45-70
                A1011 SS GR.45-50 
                A1011 HSLAS GR.45-70
                JI392 050X
                G3106 SM490A
                G3132 SPH4