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Fairmont Park memorial

Visited November 23, 2008

LVT A1 at Fairmont Park in

LVT A1(Landing Vehicle Tracked) water buffalo

This is a memorial to the workers and soldiers that built and operated the amphibious tank LVT-(A)-1 in World War II. The LVT is across from the American Legion Clubhouse on the lake at Fairmont Park, in . The the memorial consists of a single tank. Total LVTs manufactured: 501.

Engine: Continental
Model W670-9A
No. Cylinders: 7
Speed (land): 20 mph
Speed (water): 7.5 mph
H.P.: 250
Cruising Range (land): 150 miles
Cruising Range (water): 75 miles

Transmission: Spicer

Fuel Capacity: 140 gal

Gear Configuration: 5 fwd-1rev
Weight (empty): 29,050 lbs
Weight (loaded): 30,000 lbs
Length: 26’ 1"
Width: 10’ 8"
Height: 8’ 1"

Hull Thickness: 1/2 inch
Track Shoes: 73

Track Adjustment: Idler and sprocket

Bogie Wheels: 11
Return Rollers: 2
Suspension: Torsilastic
Armor: Light Tank
Armament: 37 mm Cannon, Machine Guns, 30 cal.
Crew: 7
Ramp: No
Mfg: Donald Roebling, Clearwater, Fla.
Food Machinery Corp., Riverside,Ca.


LVT A1 at Fairmont Park in


Memorial at Fairmont Park,


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