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Russian World War II Posters

Last updated 12-13-10

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Poster - Army of liberation
Army of Liberation

Poster - Stalin quote
No land to the enemy

Poster - Soviet partisans
   Soviet partisans

Poster - A call for patriotism
Call for patriotism

Poster - We drink the water of Dnieper
Water of Dnieper

Poster - In the skies, on the land and in the sea.
Soviet armed forces

Poster - We will defend the city of Lenin!
Siege of Leningrad

Poster - To the West
To the West!

Poster - Collect metal
Old metal for tanks


*Disclaimer: World War II posters, insignias and documents of Nazi Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan, are displayed on this website as historical documents of the time period. They are not intended to promote or condone any political, racial, military, religious, or social views and/or actions. This website does not condone genecide.