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Army Paratrooper poster

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Poster - US Army Paratrooper, WWII

Parachute Test Platoon

During WWII the parachute became a new way to deploy troops. Between July and August of 1940 experimental training began with the Parachute Test Platoon. These men became part of an elite Army combat unit which was all volunteer and entitled to a higher pay scale than other combat troops of the same rank. These Army paratroopers played an important role in WWII which included the initial attacks by the Allies on Sicily, France, Holland and Germany.

"Become a Paratrooper, Jump Into the Fight - Soldiers between the ages of 18 and 32 inclusive who believe they have the qualifications for this thrilling service, may apply for parachutist training. Ask your Commanding Officer for application form." World War II recruitment poster.