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Panzer VI Tiger tank

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Panzer VI (Tiger) German tank

Panzer VI "Tiger" (Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung H)

Panzer VI (Tiger) was a German heavy tank with superior armor and fire power compared to any British or American tank. The Tiger tank developed the most fierce reputation of any tank in World War Two. However, many Germans were critical of the heavy cost to build and maintain the tank. One Tiger tank cost the same number of skilled man hours to produce as two Panther tanks or three Messerschmit 109 fighters, and at 57 English tonnes overall weight it required 2.75 gallons of gasoline to drive one mile. Tiger tanks were frequently destroyed in combat by the use of heavy artillery to pentrate the thin upper deck and turret top, or the tanks had to be ambushed and shot in the sides or rear at very close range. All 1,355 Tigers were built, within two years (1942 to 1944).Down arrow


Sturmpanzer VI German tank

Sturmpanzer VI Tiger

The Sturmpanzer VI was a Tiger chassis with an assault gun (Sturmtiger) built on it and armed with a 38 cm rocket assisted naval mortar. The tank was designed to bring close in heavy firepower support for house to house street fighting. Eighteen Sturmpanzer VI's were built.