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Nazi Germany threatens to invade Great Britain

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Poster: If the invader comes

Preparation for German land invasion of Britain

The text begins:
"The Germans threaten to invade Great Britain. If they do so they will be driven out by our Navy, our Army and our Air Force. Yet the ordinary men and women of the civilian population will also have their part to play.

"Hitler's invasions of Poland, Holland and Belgium were greatly helped by the fact that the civilian population was taken by surprise. They did not know what to do when the moment came. You must not be taken by surprise.

"This leaflet tells you what general line you should take. More detailed instructions will be given you when the danger comes nearer. Meanwhile, read these instructions carefully and be prepared to carry them out." Issued by the Ministry of Information in co-operation with the War Office and the Ministry of Home Security in preparation to a land invasion by Germany.