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American assault troops on Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

American assault troops are seen on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944. Additional infantrymen can be seen disembarking from the Landing Craft Infantry on the right (LCI). LCI 83 was built in Texas, and participated in landings at Tunisia, Sicily and Salerno (Italy), before participating in the D-day invasion at Omaha Beach. On D-day LCI 83 hit a mine on a beach obstacle and only landed one load of infantry as seen in the photograph. LCI 83 was patched and re-floated at the end of the day, and after repairs in England delivered additional troops to Normandy throughout the summer of 1944.



Beachheads of Normandy

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~ Utah Beach

DD tanks on Utah Beach
DD tanks

Prisoners of war - Utah Beach
Prisoners of war

Sea Wall at Utah Beach
Sea Wall

Utah Beach
Utah Beach


~ Omaha Beach

Cliff ladder at Omaha Beach
Cliff ladder

German Pillbox on Omaha Beach
German Pillbox

Landing Craft on Omaha Beach
Landing Craft

LCVP on Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach
Omaha Beach

D-Day afternnoon
D-Day afternnoon


~ Gold Beach


~ Juno Beach

Cromwell tanks on Gold Beach
Cromwell tank

Universal carriers on Gold Beach
Universal carriers

Landing on Juno Beach

Nan White Beach
Nan White Beach

Bernières sur Mer

~ Sword Beach

Landing on Sword Beach

Infantry on Sword Beach

Troops on 'Queen White' Beach



Assault troops Normancy
Assault troops

D-Day invasion
D-Day invasion

Normandy invasion
Normandy Invasion