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Operation Pluto - Pipe Line Under The Ocean (WWII, Normandy)

Opertation Pluto pipeline
Pluto pipeline

Cable ship for Operation Pluto
HAIS fuel cable

Conundrum with HAMEL pipe
HAMEL Conundrum

PLUTO pipeline routes
Pluto pipeline routes

Operation PLUTO

Category Fuel pipe line under the ocean

Bambi route

Dumbo route

Isle of Wight, UK/ Cherbourg, FR
Dungeness, UK/Boulogne, FR
Date built First line laid - August 12, 1944
Longest line 70 nautical miles to Cherbourg
Number of lines

4 to Cherbourg
16 to Boulogne
Pipe diameter
3 inches
Size of Conundrum
50 feet diameter
90 feet wide